Lancashire-born philosopher, Cometan has worked since his fifteenth birthday to found his own philosophy called Astronism

Who do you idolise?

For most of us in today’s world, our idols are concentrated around reality tv show personalities, athletes, tv presenters, and movie actors and actresses, but there is a young man living in Penwortham just outside the city of Preston in Lancashire whose idols are quite out of the ordinary. 

 Cometan, born Brandon Taylor, and also known as Brandon Taylorian, is a 20 year-old UCLan graduate, author, and philosopher who considers Plato, Socrates, Buddha, and Confucius to be the main people he looks up to. What do these four ancient men have in common? They are philosophers and/or religious leaders. 

So what makes Cometan so invested in learning and idolising these four great ancient minds?

The main reason is due to the fact that Cometan has recently publicly announced the founding of his own philosophy known as Astronism. Astronism is a collection of ideas, beliefs, and practices organised into a system that primarily follows the idea that the stars, the planets, the galaxies and everything else in The Cosmos should become the central parts of our spiritual and religious lives. It is Cometan’s belief that the existential purpose and destiny of humanity is fixated upon our exploration of space!


Portrait of Cometan taken when the philosopher was nineteen.

 A Short Background to Cometan 

Cometan’s fascination with philosophy and religion stems from his childhood, specifically his grandmother, Irene Taylor, whom instilled in the then young boy a strict Catholic religion that did not deviate whatsoever from doctrine and practice. Whilst spending much of his weekends at his grandmother’s home at 222 Longmeanygate (which as recently come up for sale), Cometan would learn all about one of the oldest religious institutions in the world and its teachings; the Catholic Church.

 Although Cometan did not appreciate what his grandmother was teaching him when he was a young boy, he has been known to say that now in retrospect, his grandmother’s devotion to her religion and her longing for him to become a priest echoes his staunch and deep-rooted interest in the largest of questions.

Like all philosophers, Cometan is committed to answering some of the world’s most complex questions, such as what is the difference between right and wrong? Who, what, and how was the universe made? And what practices should we conduct to find comfort and solace in the noise of our bustling lives.  

Although the exact extent that Cometan’s grandmother’s form of Roman Catholicism has held influence over the founding of Astronism is unknown, one thing is for certain that Cometan has inherited his grandmother’s staunch interest and devotion to religion and philosophy.


Cometan with his mother, Louise Counsell.

The Founding of Astronism

Perhaps it was destiny that Cometan thought of the ideas for Astronism and Jesse Millette on his fifteenth birthday as Cometan himself so professes, or perhaps it was merely a coincidence, needless to say, the moment he thought of those ideas, his life changed forever.

After creating the name Cometan for his identity as a philosopher, the adolescent was caught in a dream that was snowballing with idea and wouldn’t eventually come to a plateau for another six years later. But throughout his years in college and university, Cometan’s would work vigorously to create what would later become known as the Omnidoxy, a philosophical treatise in excess of a million and a quarter words in total length. It was this book that he had chosen to form the foundations of his philosophy. The identity of Cometan, the philosophy of Astronism, and the book of the Omnidoxy had been born, and this all happened right here in Lancashire!

Cometan seeks to understand existence through the prism of The Cosmos by establishing a newfound belief that is entirely themed on astronomy. Some of the core beliefs of Astronism include the following: the belief in the existence of life on other planets, the belief that The Cosmos is all that need for our spiritual development, the belief that the answers to the meaning of our lives resides within The Cosmos rather than outside of it, and finally, the belief that philosophy must return to society to become a central pillar just like in the days of Plato and Socrates.

What’s Next for Cometan? 

The philosopher continues to live in and around the city of Preston in Lancashire and continues to make amendments to his seminal work of the Omnidoxy. In addition, he just completed his degree in business and marketing and is planning to go on to study for a PhD which will focus on how to make his philosophy not only into a conceptual success, but a commercial success.

But before this, Cometan will celebrate his 21st birthday on Saturday 29th June at Hoghton Tower (which has also been the graduate’s employer for the last two years) and Lancashire & North West magazine will have exclusive access to his 21st part so keep an out for that issue coming out later in the summer!

It remains Cometan’s central goal to further develop his system of thought, to establish it, organise it, and disseminate his ideas around the world as part of a new thought and belief movement that places all focus on the wonders of the stars which is why Astronism is also referred to as the religion of the stars.

Original Cover of the Omnidoxy

To learn more about the Omnidoxy here:

Learn more about Cometan’s story at the following website:

To learn more about the philosophy of Astronism here:



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